Friday, April 29, 2011

Nikkatsu Movie Music - Joe Shishido

Nikkatsu Eiga Ongakushu Star Series Joe Shishido

In 2008, Nikkatsu released compilation albums based either on their famous directors (Seijun Suzuki, Kon Ichikawa), actors (Yujiro Ishihara, Akira Kobayashi) or other themes (Nikkatsu New Akushon, Stray Cat Rock series) and I've been doing my best to get my hands on them, but I could just never find the one on Joe Shishido. While preparing my first real article for this site that's all about Mr. Joe Shishido, I finally did it and found the album. I had to do some deep scouring in the nether regions of the internet to find this album, but now it's mine to listen to anytime! It can be yours too!

It's in rar file with the tracks as m4a files, which are playable on iTunes. My only complaint is that the upload is at a very, very compressed 128kbps, so the sound isn't what it should be, but I will attempt to get my own copy of the album and upload it here. And if you can't read a bit of Japanese like myself, then you are out of luck as all the tracks are written in Japanese. If you seen his films though, you're sure to recognize the tracks from the Seijun Suzuki films and other Nikkatsu akushon like the fantastic spaghetti western influence track for A Colt is My Passport (Koruto wa orw no pasupooto) (1967) and what I'm assuming is the mariachi soundtrack for Mexican Wanderer (Mekishiku mushuku) (1962) which features Joe as a Mexican bandito (!). Whoever did this rip, you are more than free to message me for credit, but I couldn't find this album on any blogs.

Promotional still for Mexican Wanderer (Mekishiku mushku) (1963)

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  2. Thanks so much for this-such great soundtrack music!